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  • Inspection Management System

Solution Objective



Objective of this product is to enhance security of people in residential / commercial properties by controlled visitor entry and exit process and performance monitoring of security guards. Most of the times this is found that a society or an organization is investing a huge amount on security but there is ignorance everywhere which beats the purpose. Imagine a guard sleeping or not seriously checking strangers on entry gates.


Powers to Residents



Approve / Reject / Check In / Check Out and Visitor History

Verify approval code of stranger inside society campus

Report an Incident with Picture to Security Management Group of your Society

Report a Stranger at your Place without Permission

Pre-approval of family members and planned visitors

QR Code based Entry Pass

Full Resident Directory with Vehicle Number Search

Panic Button to Call Guards and Residents in case of Emergency

Contact numbers of all security gates and security supervisors

Listing of local services for everyone's convenience

Report if guest was not given entry code on the gate





How does it work?


Enforces security guards do their job more strictly and pro-actively.  

Real time security report helps in security improvement and take further action. Since every entry and exit on every gate is recorded on a centralized sever, it will be easy for management to check guard performance trend.

Management gets alerted if unexpected number of visitors coming in a particular place is alarming.

System generates an alerts to Security Management and Guards if a visitor does not reach resident’s place within acceptable time limit (5-10 minutes) after entering the gate.

System generates alerts to Security Management and Guards if a visitor does not exit the gate within acceptable time limit (5-10 minutes) after departing from resident’s place. 

People will bad intention does not date to take the risk after picture is taken on Gate.

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