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  • Inspection Management System

Resident's Security for Gated Society



Access Controlled entry of all Visitors

Enhance security of residents living in gated society

Smart phone based visitor entry

Smart checkout process to trap unapproved visitors

Get alerted on abnormal movement or delay of visitor inside society

Check performance report of security guards

In/Out attendance of daily staff without register

Alerts to guard if any visitor entered but not exited  


Power to Residents



Approve / Reject / Check In / Check Out and Visitor History

Verify approval code of stranger inside society campus

Report an Incident with Picture to Security Management Group of your Society

Report a Stranger without Entry Code

Pre-approval of family members and planned guests

QR Code based Entry Pass

Full Resident Directory with Vehicle Number Search

Panic Button to Call Guards and Residents in case of Emergency

Contact numbers of all security gates and security supervisors

Listing of local services for everyone's convenience

Report if guest was not given entry code on the gate





How does it work?


Enforces security guards do work seriously

Real time security report helps in security improvement

Makes management job easy to review security guard performance

Management gets alerted for abnormal trend of visitor

Smart alert system makes it easy to trap malafide visitors

Guards do not leave any visitor without entry code due to fear of being reported by resident


Your Social Security Report