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  • Inspection Management System

Resident's Security for Gated Society



Access Controlled entry of all Visitors

Enhance security of residents living in gated society

Smart phone based visitor entry

Smart checkout process to trap unapproved visitors

Get alerted on abnormal movement or delay of visitor inside society

Check performance report of security guards

In/Out attendance of daily staff without register

Alerts to guard if any visitor entered but not exited  


Power to Residents



No entry of any visitor without approval of resident

Ability to Approve, Reject, Block and Pre-Approve Visitor using Smart Phone

Life saving Panic button for quick help from security guard or fellow residents

Realtime discussion in online Board Room

Ability to find car owners by car number rules out many parking disputes

Resident directory and their  contact numbers

Check any stranger in doubtful case

Report any security related incident or concern with picture

Phone numbers of all gates and security supervisors



No one wants a guest to go through annoying gate entry process on entry gate

Pre-approval of one or multiple guest is possible and that too from your contact list

Pre-approved detail of your visitor goes to gate app and your guest get an entry code

Guest entry code is verified at entry gate

No other entry formality after entry code is confirmed


Emergency like fire, gas leakage, medical, theft, accidental etc can occure anytime

Panic button can be a life saver if used on time

Sends your message to all residents or security guards

You get quickest possible help and support  

All senior citizens and females living with kids alone must have this feature



Directory of all residents (owner and tenants) in your society

Search a resident by flat number

Call or chat one to one with your society member

If you share your vehicle number you will see others

Searchable vehicle numbers are helpful to find a resident by number

Star rating of all residents based on their activity towards security procedures

Ratings are calculated automatically and top rated residents display in top


Contact number of all entry gates of society at one place

Resident's don't need to keep these numbers in their contacts list  

Details of supervisors and their reporting managers

Contact detail of security in-charge and security head

Call them on single click




Easy incident reporting by every member of society

Attach a picture of the incident

Email goes with image to security control room with a copy to you

Follow up maerial for RWA to review all incidents with security management team and seek status  

Centralised report of all incidents reported by residents

Security team can monitor incidents on their console


QR Code based entry pass of your visitor

Re-approve of block a visitor from visitor history 

Entry code is also sent to your guest as OTP

Residents earn extra credits on re-approval 




Discuss security matters online with all or some society members   

Online chat is visible to only online members

Offline residents can be notified to join the discussion

No storage, no media or video sharing like WhatsApp  

Chat one to one with online residents

Send offline message to residents from resident directory



In-app report for all residents

Tally of number of entries and exits

Security score of your society

Any resident can discuss score with security team

Poor process enforcement will lead to poor score or less number of entries

More entries more process adhereness

How does it work?


Enforces security guards do work seriously

Real time security report helps in security improvement

Makes management job easy to review security guard performance

Management gets alerted for abnormal trend of visitor

Smart alert system makes it easy to trap malafide visitors

Guards do not allow entry of any visitor without entry code due to fear of being reported by the resident


Notification Alerts


Visitor's arrival alert

Visitor's entry and exit alert

Alert when your kids are going out of society gate

Panic alert raised by resident

IoT driven safety alerts (Premium)

Fire, Gas & Smoke alert  (Premium)

Alert on unexpected movement in your flat when you are out (Premium)

Group discussion alert

Alert when you get an offline message

Feature Update

New offer for your society from local business